Ever worked for a bosshole?

I absolutely love the cover of this month’s Entrepreneur magazine. The lead tag says “Say goodbye to bossholes*” and directs you to the page for the definition. The definition is a mashup of the words “boss” and “asshole” used to describe an employer who makes hell on earth. They then ask you to venture to http://entrepreneur.com/octfeaturedquestion and tell about any experiences you have had with a bosshole of your own.
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Using Twitter

I have been consulting a couple of clients on using Twitter to help them communicate what is going on with their businesses and find new potential clients. I have only just signed up for it myself but have been researching and experimenting with it over the last three months. During the course of my research I have had someone ask me to author some freelance articles on Twitter, how to use it, how to gain followers and how to monetize their accounts.
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Time to hang out my shingle

I have worked in the newspaper industry for the last 13 years and have been relatively unhappy with it for the last five years. As companies lose circulation and advertising revenue the natural course of action is to cut expenses and full time equivalents leaving the remaining staff with additional duties, tasks and responsibilities. After working I don’t know how many consecutive 50 hour work weeks I decided it was time to move on (or perhaps take a break) from the business.
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Don’t get mad… Write a catchy tune, make a great video and become an Internet sensation instead

Haven’t posted in quite a while but had to share a story that’s been all over the news this week. Dave Carroll and his band Sons Of Maxwell flew to Nebraska for a week long tour. During that time United Airlines damaged his $3,500 Taylor guitar. After a year of battling it out with the airlines he was told they would not compensate him for the damage. He vowed to write, record and upload videos for three songs about the experience. This was the first and as of this blog posting it had over 2 million views.
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FBomb’s Bomber Dude

While I do a lot of design work, I acknowledge that there are people out there who are infinitely more talented and can create things way beyond my own capabilities. One of the most gratifying feelings for me is when I come up with a concept or idea and use one of my talented designers to create what I envisioned. That’s what happened with Bomber Dude, the mascot for a local band named FBomb.
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