What is SEO article marketing?

A few months ago I wrote a blog post on whether or not article marketing still worked for SEO purposes and while I am still working on my little experiment, I thought I would take some time to answer a question I have been asked several times by both clients and readers of the blog. People have been asking to explain what exactly article marketing, how it works and how it assists you in your search engine marketing strategy. Continue reading “What is SEO article marketing?”

Does article marketing still work?

Earlier this year I started moving away from article marketing, both to promote my services and on behalf of clients, due to the Google Farmer and Panda updates. When the Farmer update was first implemented I wrote about it and pondered whether or not it had killed the benefits of article marketing. One of the big changes to their algorithms was how they treated sites that they deemed to be “content farms”. Unfortunately for the popular article directories that I regularly submitted to, they were considered a content farm Google and saw their traffic plummet by 30 to 40%. Additionally, the general consensus amongst the SEO community was the valued backlinks from the better directories would now have lesser weight then they once had. Continue reading “Does article marketing still work?”

Has Google “Farmer” killed the benefits of article submissions?

The benefits of article marketing has taken a big hit since Google announced and implemented SERP penalties to sites they deemed to fall in the category of “content farms”. At the top of the list were popular article directories, a haven for many webmasters, affiliate marketers and SEO specialists used to create both backlinks and organic traffic by submitting topical articles.
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Does article marketing still work even if some directories have moved to “NOFOLLOW” links?

I have been quite busy over the last week or so readying my new site for launch. I will be offering existing and new clients article marketing services in order to help them with their search engine placements as well as generating organic traffic from the indexed articles themselves. I have been doing some test work for some clients to find directories that accept articles in a timely fashion as well as those that seem to have their articles republished quite regularly. Continue reading “Does article marketing still work even if some directories have moved to “NOFOLLOW” links?”

Generating organic traffic using article marketing

SEO, or search engine optimization, can be such a frustrating task to perform for both small businesses as well as the professionals who get paid to improve search engine results for websites and online ventures. While there are certain things you can do to accomplish better rankings, there is sometimes an element of chance or fluke luck that is required to achieve first page results in a competitive keyword phrases.

Over the last year I have worked with a number of clients with the search engine marketing and have been able to help all of them through a variety of strategies including securing backlinks on relevant sites, article marketing, directory submission and a few other tricks I have learned over the years. There have been many examples where I have done the exact same thing for multiple clients but achieved varying results. I always preach consistent SEO marketing efforts and patience but every once in a while you hit one out of the ball mark and can dramatically increase organic traffic to a client’s website.
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