Has Google “Farmer” killed the benefits of article submissions?

The benefits of article marketing has taken a big hit since Google announced and implemented SERP penalties to sites they deemed to fall in the category of “content farms”. At the top of the list were popular article directories, a haven for many webmasters, affiliate marketers and SEO specialists used to create both backlinks and organic traffic by submitting topical articles.
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What is the best hosting solution for a network of feeder sites?

cc image credit: Jamison Judd (Flickr)

I recently had a customer ask me for some advice on aquiring hosting for his new network of feeder sites. For those of you who are not familiar with feeder sites, they are a number of smaller sites, blogs or online resource that allows you to feed traffic and backlinks to your main website. Squidoo and HubPages are examples of free resources you can use as feeders to create links and organic traffic to your money site. While free resources are great, finding niche long tail domains and setting up your own network of feeder sites can improve your SEO rankings as well as generating properties with potential for higher amounts of organic traffic.
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