Getting pulled over as the Big Bad Wolf

This past Friday my wife Kelly and I went to a Jack & Jill for friends of ours. As it was the day before Halloween they decided to make it a costume affair so my wife dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and I went as the Big Bad Wolf. My costume consisted of a blue and white checkered Grandma’s nightgown with lots of brown fur, a wolf’s mask and a sleeping bonnet. My wife picked up a pair of baby blue ladies slippers with a bow on them to complete the outfit.

We left the Jack & Jill at around 12:30 am and were driving friends to the bar when lights from a following police car lit up. I pulled over thinking he was going to go by me but the officer pulled in behind me and threw the spotlight on. Continue reading “Getting pulled over as the Big Bad Wolf”

I have a new client…

I’ve started constructing a new website for an awesome couple who rent their cottage out each summer. The cottage is located on Fraser Lake just outside of Bancroft, Ontario and it’s a great catch. The cottage itself is well maintained and they’ve recently redone the most of the interior including the walls and flooring giving it a great rustic cabin look. It has a nice walk out deck and a dock with a sitting area. A canoe and paddle boat are available as well as a motor boat for those who’d like to try and land a pike or two.

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Don’t get mad… Write a catchy tune, make a great video and become an Internet sensation instead

Haven’t posted in quite a while but had to share a story that’s been all over the news this week. Dave Carroll and his band Sons Of Maxwell flew to Nebraska for a week long tour. During that time United Airlines damaged his $3,500 Taylor guitar. After a year of battling it out with the airlines he was told they would not compensate him for the damage. He vowed to write, record and upload videos for three songs about the experience. This was the first and as of this blog posting it had over 2 million views.
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