Profiting from “money in the middle” opportunities


Ever in need of a dose of inspiration to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit? I know that’s something that I am constantly looking for. One area that I turn to on a regular basis is a handful of podcasts that are hosted by successful people and include the success stories of other entrepreneurs. One of my favourite podcasts is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income and one of his recent episodes really got me thinking on a few items and also served as inspiration for this blog post.

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What Super Mario Bros and Wrestling did to influence some brainstorming

Lately I have been having some difficulty coming up with ideas for new websites or marketing ideas. I have had several frustrating brainstorming sessions in between freelance projects that have proved fruitless. I, like many others, are trying to come up with the next big idea and something that hasn’t been done (or done well) before. Obviously these eureka moments and ideas don’t come every day. Continue reading “What Super Mario Bros and Wrestling did to influence some brainstorming”