I have a new client… LakeCottageRentals.ca

I’ve started constructing a new website for an awesome couple who rent their cottage out each summer. The cottage is located on Fraser Lake just outside of Bancroft, Ontario and it’s a great catch. The cottage itself is well maintained and they’ve recently redone the most of the interior including the walls and flooring giving it a great rustic cabin look. It has a nice walk out deck and a dock with a sitting area. A canoe and paddle boat are available as well as a motor boat for those who’d like to try and land a pike or two.

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New business cards on their way

This is probably something I should have done quite some time ago knowing that I was going to be leaving my full-time position but I finally got around to ordering my business cards for my freelance work. While running Full House Poker Tour I found Tom and his team at Enized Design and Print on EBay and was extremely happy with the results and value that I received. Continue reading “New business cards on their way”

FBomb’s Bomber Dude

While I do a lot of design work, I acknowledge that there are people out there who are infinitely more talented and can create things way beyond my own capabilities. One of the most gratifying feelings for me is when I come up with a concept or idea and use one of my talented designers to create what I envisioned. That’s what happened with Bomber Dude, the mascot for a local band named FBomb.
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