Charge what you’re worth – My takeaway from a recent episode of the Side Hustle Podcast


I’m a big fan of Nick Loper’s podcast The Side Hustle Show, which is aimed at entrepreneurs who have a side business. His tagline is absolutely killer;

“Your 9 to 5 may make you a living but your 5 to 9 makes you alive!”

I listen to this podcast religiously now even though I turned my side hustle into a full-time business because he brings on some very interesting guests, asks fantastic questions that draws out actionable points for his audience and just seems to be a nice, down to earth kind of guy. Nothing is more off putting for me than having an interviewer who presents themselves as a know-it-all and takes every opportunity to talk about themselves and promote their own business. Nick is definitely not one of those guys and you can tell he’s taking every opportunity to learn as well.

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Disadvantages of freelance job posting and project websites

I regularly get comments and emails regarding the best ways to generate business for your freelance writing service. This is one of the most important aspects for freelancers, whether you’re brand new to the field or well established. Generating business is something that you should always be doing in advance rather then waiting until you’ve completed all your current projects because there’s no guarantees the work will be there when you need it. Continue reading “Disadvantages of freelance job posting and project websites”

The Pitfalls Of Freelancing

Over the past few years, I have been actively seeking a living as a freelance writer and webmaster. For the most part I have been successful in making enough money to pay the bills and avoid returning to the workforce during these rather uncertain economic times. During my short freelancing career, I have had a few occasions where I ended up learning some lessons the hard way with dishonest or unreasonable clients. If you’re embarking on a freelance career of your own, here are some pitfalls you may want to look at before accepting work from others. Continue reading “The Pitfalls Of Freelancing”

Freelancing Tips – Don’t be afraid to part ways with problem clients

One of the biggest lessons I learned this year was dealing with problem clients. Customers who hire you to complete freelance projects can come in a wide array of personalities. One client could absolutely love everything you do in one draft while others require constant changes not only because they don’t like what you’ve initially delivered but also because they seem to change their minds as they go and the project progresses. Of course, they don’t want to pay anything extra and expect you to continue making constant revisions until they are happy. Continue reading “Freelancing Tips – Don’t be afraid to part ways with problem clients”

Freelancing Tips – Don’t attempt to compete with oversea talent on pricing

One of my biggest problems when I started offering my freelance writing and webmaster services was actually finding those new customers to add to the existing clients I was already helping out on a part-time basis. I had been reviewing forums such as DigitalPoint and responding to several messages but wasn’t really picking up any work. I bid on projects on both oDesk and Scriptlance but was constantly overlooked or not selected for a variety reasons. Continue reading “Freelancing Tips – Don’t attempt to compete with oversea talent on pricing”