Disadvantages of freelance job posting and project websites

I regularly get comments and emails regarding the best ways to generate business for your freelance writing service. This is one of the most important aspects for freelancers, whether you’re brand new to the field or well established. Generating business is something that you should always be doing in advance rather then waiting until you’ve completed all your current projects because there’s no guarantees the work will be there when you need it. Continue reading “Disadvantages of freelance job posting and project websites”

SlimTimer is an amazing free time tracking website for freelancers

I’ve been struggling a bit lately with keeping by billable time straight as I work on multiple projects. In addition to that I have also been questioning whether or not I have been charging the proper rates on certain writing projects because I am using best guesses as to the overall length of time that I worked on the project over several days. Feeling a bit scattered and nervous about this side of my freelance work, I decided to search online to find a tracking tool to assist.

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