Tips on selecting a freelance team

Over the last couple of months I have not only been completing freelance writing tasks, I have also been helping a client with a few development projects. I have been responsible for putting project guidelines together, posting projects at various freelance services and finally selecting the individuals or teams that I wanted to work with to complete the job. There have been some positive and negative experiences so far and as a result I have developed a few rules that I will follow in the future in order to make the process run much smoother when searching out freelancers. Continue reading “Tips on selecting a freelance team”

I have a new client…

I’ve started constructing a new website for an awesome couple who rent their cottage out each summer. The cottage is located on Fraser Lake just outside of Bancroft, Ontario and it’s a great catch. The cottage itself is well maintained and they’ve recently redone the most of the interior including the walls and flooring giving it a great rustic cabin look. It has a nice walk out deck and a dock with a sitting area. A canoe and paddle boat are available as well as a motor boat for those who’d like to try and land a pike or two.

Continue reading “I have a new client…”