The benefits of expired domains for your new project

image courtesy of stuart miles and Free Digital Photos
image courtesy of stuart miles and Free Digital Photos

I recently created a video on How To Find Expired Domains With PR For Free and uploaded it to Youtube, which I will share with you at the end of this post. The idea to create the video was sparked by a conversation I had in an entrepreneurial driven Google Hangout a few weeks ago when someone had asked me what tools I use to find expired domains. Another question that popped up during that conversation was what are the benefits of registering and developing expired domains so I thought I would create this post to outline the benefits I have experienced over the years.

A quick qualifier on this post. The benefits that I discuss are for new projects, not SEO purposes to promote your main money sites using link wheels or tiered linking strategies.

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How success and complacency killed my network of affiliate sites

While growing my online business over the last 10 years I have made a lot mistakes. These mistakes have ranged from those that can be considered very minor that had no real consequences to huge errors that ended up costin me considerable amounts of time, effort and money. Out of all the mistakes that I have made during this time period, the biggest one has to be the fact that a few years ago I became complacent with my success and neglected my affiliate network. This has led to a 70% decline in my income from this area of the business and made once great sites virtually useless. Here’s how it happened. Continue reading “How success and complacency killed my network of affiliate sites”

My near death experience with a so-called SEO expert

One of the things that I regularly help clients with is finding talented and qualified freelancers to assist them with projects on a part-time or full-time basis. For the most part I have been rather happy with the people I have helped find and have placed but during a recent project I learned a very valuable lesson; it makes more sense to spend more time during the interview process and reference check than it is to have to clean up the mess that someone else leaves behind. Continue reading “My near death experience with a so-called SEO expert”

Does article marketing still work?

Earlier this year I started moving away from article marketing, both to promote my services and on behalf of clients, due to the Google Farmer and Panda updates. When the Farmer update was first implemented I wrote about it and pondered whether or not it had killed the benefits of article marketing. One of the big changes to their algorithms was how they treated sites that they deemed to be “content farms”. Unfortunately for the popular article directories that I regularly submitted to, they were considered a content farm Google and saw their traffic plummet by 30 to 40%. Additionally, the general consensus amongst the SEO community was the valued backlinks from the better directories would now have lesser weight then they once had. Continue reading “Does article marketing still work?”