Benefits of Outsourcing – 7 Benefits That I Have Personally Experienced By Outsourcing


The demands of my online business were driving me crazy, and I finally came to the realization that I needed some help if I was going to grow my company and stay sane in the process. This lead me to start exploring outsourcing. As a freelancer myself, I knew what type of entrepreneurs I enjoyed working for, and I strive to be one of those people.

After a few initial stumbles, I came up with a system of finding talented people and getting work done quickly and efficiently. These projects have varied from coding projects to tasks that are completed by virtual assistants on a regular basis. I am currently working on a course and book in this area and thought I would start things off by sharing some of the benefits that I have personally experienced over the last couple of years. Continue reading “Benefits of Outsourcing – 7 Benefits That I Have Personally Experienced By Outsourcing”

The Disadvantages Of Job Boards

image courtesy of renjith krishnan and Free Digital Photos
image courtesy of renjith krishnan and Free Digital Photos

I’ve been talking to a lot of freelance writers over the last few months as I work on some information products I plan to launch in the near future. One of the most hotly contested topics that has been brought up during these discussions are the advantages and disadvantages of job boards. There seems to be an even split of those who absolutely love sites such as oDesk and Freelancer to source new writing gigs while others avoid them like the plague.

The advantages of these services are easily recognizable; a large number of potential clients and projects to bid on, most handle escrow payments, a feedback system to rate both freelancers and clients, etc. What might not be as apparent to newcomers are the disadvantages to using job boards to attract new clients. I wanted to outline a few of the items that I found to be rather discouraging for those that may be looking at using them in the near future to secure some online writing jobs.

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My near death experience with a so-called SEO expert

One of the things that I regularly help clients with is finding talented and qualified freelancers to assist them with projects on a part-time or full-time basis. For the most part I have been rather happy with the people I have helped find and have placed but during a recent project I learned a very valuable lesson; it makes more sense to spend more time during the interview process and reference check than it is to have to clean up the mess that someone else leaves behind. Continue reading “My near death experience with a so-called SEO expert”