How Groupon and Facebook can help you launch your new business

As a former manager in the newspaper business, I know the struggles that the industry is currently facing with increased costs and decreased subscriptions and readership. Once upon a time the best way to promote your new business was to take out a series of advertisements in your local newspaper. They had the readership levels required to get people in the door and making it one of the best ways to market your business. While newspaper advertising still has value to their customers and those reading it, there are better options to launch your new business and build a loyal following amongst your new customers at little to no cost to yourself.
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Interesting article on the decline of newspaper advertising

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I recently came across Marc Cenedella’s article on the decline of the newspaper help wanted revenues and how ad revenues in the US market have declined 92% over the last 10 years. He points out that in the mid-90s, many newspaper executives foresaw this threat to a steady revenue stream but chose not to think forward and dominate the industry with their resources as in doing so they would be competing against their own printed products.
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Keep your marketing efforts current… dammit!

My 2010 New Year’s Resolution was to update this blog more frequently and so far I feel I have failed thus far. 6 days in and this is my first post. I promise I will endeavor to do better for the remainder of the year.

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