Do I need vps hosting to start a social media site?

I recently had a customer ask the following question… “Do I need vps hosting to start a social media site?”. The answer is definitely a yes on this one.

If you attempt to start your social media site on cheap virtual shared hosting you are most likely going to have to upgrade sooner rather then later, especially if you have some success. The scripts out there that run sites similar to Twitter, Facebook or Digg are not resource heavy in themselves (although some are) but once you have several users accessing the site and its features at the same time, you’re going to suck up a lot of the shared server’s resources. Continue reading “Do I need vps hosting to start a social media site?”

Using Twitter

I have been consulting a couple of clients on using Twitter to help them communicate what is going on with their businesses and find new potential clients. I have only just signed up for it myself but have been researching and experimenting with it over the last three months. During the course of my research I have had someone ask me to author some freelance articles on Twitter, how to use it, how to gain followers and how to monetize their accounts.
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