Study shows that a majority of people ignore pay-per-click advertising

Quite often I will receive inquiries from new clients after they have exhausted a rather large budget on a Google Adsense campaign, which failed to bring the desired results. While their pay-per-click budget was successful in generating an influx of traffic and brought in the desired number of targeted visitors, it failed to convert these visitors into paying customers as expected. As with any PPC campaign, once that budget is gone, the flow of traffic stops.
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Has Google “Farmer” killed the benefits of article submissions?

The benefits of article marketing has taken a big hit since Google announced and implemented SERP penalties to sites they deemed to fall in the category of “content farms”. At the top of the list were popular article directories, a haven for many webmasters, affiliate marketers and SEO specialists used to create both backlinks and organic traffic by submitting topical articles.
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Is Groupon really worth $25 billion dollars? Really?

I’ve been on a bit of a Groupon kick lately because of all the attention it has been receiving not only in the media but also by the various competitors that are taking aim at it. On the competition side you have a huge group that includes some well-known names such as Living Social. Both Facebook and Google, two juggernauts with massive financial clout, are looking at offering similar group buying deals to their users. Despite the competition the company is hoping to go public with a massive $25 billion dollar IPO sometime this year.
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Quora puts all other Internet Q&A sites to shame

I recently discovered Quora, a Q&A site that puts all others to shame, after reading an article in Business Insider in which Irene Au, head designer at Google, praises the site and its design. The article explained that Quora is above and beyond what you will find at sites such as Yahoo! Answers as they have more meaningful questions, less and the community continues to build on the answers so each question ends up reading like a professional article. Continue reading “Quora puts all other Internet Q&A sites to shame”