Saw One Week

Kelly and I went and seen the new Joshua Jackson movie called One Week this past Friday and it wasn’t what I expected. The premise of the movie is Joshua’s character Ben is diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer in which he’s progressed to Stage 4. Instead of jumping immediately into treatment he purchases a vintage motorcycle and decides to trek across Canada and take as many pictures of the “World’s Biggest” attractions with him in it.

The movie is meant to showcase Canada and its beauty and it does a great job at that. Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip has a cameo but I think the best part of the movie was the narrative of Campbell Scott, probably one of my favorite obscure actors who had some success and then disappeared. He actually played a young dying cancer patient himself in a movie called Dying Young starring opposite of Julia Roberts. His voice is somewhat hypnotizing and helps the movie progress through its different stages.

I would have to give this movie an “okay” rating as it was interesting, overly artsy at times with a somewhat disappointing end but still definitely worth the price of admission. I love the cinematography on the film and some of the shots are absolutely stunning.

Here’s the trailer…

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