I have a new client… LakeCottageRentals.ca

I’ve started constructing a new website for an awesome couple who rent their cottage out each summer. The cottage is located on Fraser Lake just outside of Bancroft, Ontario and it’s a great catch. The cottage itself is well maintained and they’ve recently redone the most of the interior including the walls and flooring giving it a great rustic cabin look. It has a nice walk out deck and a dock with a sitting area. A canoe and paddle boat are available as well as a motor boat for those who’d like to try and land a pike or two.

The website is being developed for the 2010 season as they’ve decided to drop the rental agency they’ve used in the past. They’d like to have more control over the scheduling and avoid last minute rentals that happened from time to time and spoiled their plans for using it.

The domain is registered and we’re waiting for it to resolve before I can set up the hosting on one of my dedicated servers… Splash page is already to go.

I had the family up on Labour Day weekend to snap a bunch of pictures for the website… check out this amazing view of the lake!



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