Simon Scarrow’s Centurion

I’ve been on a bit of a reading frenzy as of late and had been wanting to read something by Sime Scarrow for some time. Centurion was definitely a good choice to start things off even though I know I am out of sequence on the story line.

The book follows Prefect Macro and Centurion Cato of the Second Illyrian cohort on a borderline suicide mission to help the king of Palmyra hold out a siege set out by his son Artaxes and a rebel army. They march through the desert to the city, have to figure a way to get through the rebel forces and into the citadel where the King and his followers are held up.

The odds are against them holding out until the remainder of the Roman empire joins them while the Parthian army marches to join Artaxes and the rebels.

Scarrow is a brilliant writer and keeps you interested in the book throughout. The book is thoroughly interesting and the military strategy and maneuvers are well described and executed.

Great read if you are into historic fiction.


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