The funniest spam comment ever!

It’s not often that I review SPAM comments that are left at my blog but I was testing out the new Blackberry WordPress app and was scrolling through the unreviewed comments. Most were gibberish but the following comment cracked me up and I just had to share.

A couple of days ago I experienced a real shock: the site has disappeared from the index. The index 1 main page and all. Where are the other 600 gone – history is silent.

About bans and other things you can not write, because site with unique content, links do not buy, sell, short, a resource for reading.

So. Climbing in Yandex-webmaster, I tried to identify the cause of the disappearance of site from the index. Looked mistakes and hair began to stir: a bug was pointed out that my site is banned for the parameters indexing the same file from my robots. I have a file – no there is nothing that would prohibit indexing … Et che? Provocation what?

In support of the silent until now.


The following lines in particular cracked me up;
– history is silent.
– Climbing in Yandex-webmaster
– my site is banned for the parameters indexing the same file from my robots

And finally the one that cracked me up the most…

“In support of the silent until now”

So I’m guessing this spammer now only suppports noisey people. I’m guess this was created with a piss poor article generator or a very bad language translator.

But it does beg the question what the hell is a Yandex-webmaster and why did he have to climb in it?


3 thoughts on “The funniest spam comment ever!

  1. himji

    Oh god, that was exteremly funny. Not good when you’re sitting in a pin drop quiet open plan office and you’re trying to stifle the fits of laughter.

    Thanks. And nice blog BTW

  2. Bill

    That is funny, but I suspect it’s an honest comment being piped through a Russian-English translator.

    Third world spam bots have taught me to treasure the Infinite Monkey Theorem, though. No work of shakespeare discovered yet, but the inevitable comedy gold maybe one or twice a year.

  3. Chris Post author

    Wow… I really need to pay more attention to this blog. Thanks for the comments folks. I still love this SPAM message. I just went through a whole whack of others today but nothing touched this one 🙂

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