In search of reliable and affordable VPS hosting

I have been searching for a new VPS hosting account to replace the dedicated server that I am taking offline at PacificRack. While I am relatively happy with this lower end server, business has been much slower for design and hosting as I switched my business more to freelance writing. I still have some of my own mainstream sites and host a few others so I am still in need of a hosting package for my own properties and those of clients.

I settled on a virtual private server as the best option after having written a number of articles for clients over the past few weeks. A VPS account takes the resources of a large dedicated server and slices it amongst a number of customers. The resources for each account are guaranteed, unlike a shared hosting solution where everyone is competing for the finite resources of the server.


I thought I had found the ideal host in VPSLand as they had reasonably priced Windows VPS accounts with free control panels installed for up to 30 domains. Their packages looked like a great value for the price and in talking with a customer service rep online, I found they accepted PayPal as a payment option. Things were looking good until I started looking at online reviews.

My plans were squashed when I read the write-up and user reviews at Web Hosting Stuff. Users generally trashed the company for having slow servers, slow customer support and other issues that raise red flags. The overall ratings of this VPS hosting company are poor and the comments are rather eye opening. To say the least my hunt continues.

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