Interesting entrepreneur articles for a Monday morning

Each Monday I’ve decided I’m going to get back into the habit of posting some entrepreneur stories that I found interesting over the weekend. Here’s a few stories that caught my attention.

This entrepreneur wanted to sue the television show after his failed Dragon’s Den appearance
Marc Rebeiro took his board game “Pick N Choose” to the Dragon’s Den looking for an investment. Instead his pitch was rejected and included in the brief rejection segment of the show. This obviously didn’t site well with Mr. Rebeiro and he decided to launch a lawsuit for “gross and reckless negligence, intentional misconduct, malice and bad faith.” It appears his legal case was about as successful as his pitch to the Dragons.

Top 10 Entrepreneurs in 2013
Forbes chronicles their picks for the top entrepreneurs of 2013 that includes some familiar names including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Google co-founder Larry Page. Newcomer Evan Spiegel also made the list even though many people are doubting his wisdom for turning Facebook’s $3 billion offer to purchase SnapChat, a company he co-founded.

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Have A Mentor
Tracey Wallace from Mashable outlines why entrepreneurs should seek out mentors. The article discusses the role a mentor played in helping Andres Teran and his company Toplist pivot from their current business into a successful app when their web based offering failed to capture audiences as they had envisioned.

When To Quit Your Job And Become An Entrepreneur
Perhaps one of the hardest decisions most entrepreneurs make is selecting the right time to leave their place of employment and embark on their own entrepreneurial journey. VentureBeat outlines three signs that it may be time to make that move and points out three ex-Google employees who made the leap and became Silicon Valley success stories.

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