My life without a Blackberry

My last day for my previous employer was this past Thursday and at the end of the day I turned in my Blackberry. As part of my position I was required to have it on me at all times and be available for emergency calls 24/7. It was something that I was reluctant to accept at first but I can recall being very curious about the device that had been aptly nicknamed “Crackberry”.
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Brutal… Absolutely Brutal…

I saw this video on YouTube and was outraged by what happened. A police officer from Seattle, Washington beat a 15 year old girl who was in their holding cell. After he knocks her to the floor he punches her in the head and then picks her up by her hair and pushes her out of the cell.

Deputy Paul Shane was the officer who dished out the beating and is currently on paid leave. The police department said that they were provoked and that she kicked a shoe at the officer while screaming obscenities. In my opinion the police officer should have showed some professional restraint and if a 15 year old girl can set him off like that, he shouldn’t be wearing the uniform.

Here’s the video from YouTube… It’s pretty disturbing so watch at your own discretion.