Some tips on freelancing

I have been doing freelance design, site promotion and writing for several years and have learned a few things along the road. While most of my experiences have been positive, a few negative experiences early on made me wonder whether to continue pursuing projects on a freelance basis. Here’s some tips and wisdom I can offer you if you’re considering some freelance work.

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New business cards on their way

This is probably something I should have done quite some time ago knowing that I was going to be leaving my full-time position but I finally got around to ordering my business cards for my freelance work. While running Full House Poker Tour I found Tom and his team at Enized Design and Print on EBay and was extremely happy with the results and value that I received. Continue reading “New business cards on their way”

My life without a Blackberry

My last day for my previous employer was this past Thursday and at the end of the day I turned in my Blackberry. As part of my position I was required to have it on me at all times and be available for emergency calls 24/7. It was something that I was reluctant to accept at first but I can recall being very curious about the device that had been aptly nicknamed “Crackberry”.
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