Freelancing Tips – Making sure you always have work to complete

It’s been forever since I updated the blog, as it’s been quite hectic on my end. Between a massive workload of freelancing work and some recent family health issues, I’ve been putting my personal site on the back burner. In any case I had the urge to write some personal articles so you might see a flurry of posts over the next couple of weeks.

It’s been over a year now since I quit full-time management position in the newspaper industry to pursue a career in freelancing. Obviously I was looking to reduce the amount of stress in my life and do something I enjoyed doing. While it was a tough go to start, I am actually one of the lucky individuals who has been able to build a client base that keeps me consistently busy. It took about six months to accomplish this but since achieving this I have been able to turn away work I didn’t particularly care for as well as increase my rates for new customers. Continue reading “Freelancing Tips – Making sure you always have work to complete”

SlimTimer is an amazing free time tracking website for freelancers

I’ve been struggling a bit lately with keeping by billable time straight as I work on multiple projects. In addition to that I have also been questioning whether or not I have been charging the proper rates on certain writing projects because I am using best guesses as to the overall length of time that I worked on the project over several days. Feeling a bit scattered and nervous about this side of my freelance work, I decided to search online to find a tracking tool to assist.

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