SlimTimer is an amazing free time tracking website for freelancers

I’ve been struggling a bit lately with keeping by billable time straight as I work on multiple projects. In addition to that I have also been questioning whether or not I have been charging the proper rates on certain writing projects because I am using best guesses as to the overall length of time that I worked on the project over several days. Feeling a bit scattered and nervous about this side of my freelance work, I decided to search online to find a tracking tool to assist.

Luckily enough the first site that I found during my Google search was one called SlimTimer. This site is absolutely free and allows you to create tasks and have it track the time spent on each task. A slim pop-up window appears and you simply click on the task name to begin the timer. If you’re working on multiple projects throughout the day it’s very easy to swap your billable hours. You simply click on the new task and it will start recording the amount of time you’re spending on it.

The reports available to your account are very helpful as well. You can run a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual breakdown of all the tasks you have tracked your time for. Recording a time sheet will allow you to see exactly what time your started and completed the task at hand.

While I’ve only been using SlimTimer for a few days, I love it. It’s already given me peace of mind in some areas and identified others where I really need to either increase my rates or figure out how to do things a bit more efficiently.

You can see this great freelancer tool for yourself by visiting


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