Using Twitter

I have been consulting a couple of clients on using Twitter to help them communicate what is going on with their businesses and find new potential clients. I have only just signed up for it myself but have been researching and experimenting with it over the last three months. During the course of my research I have had someone ask me to author some freelance articles on Twitter, how to use it, how to gain followers and how to monetize their accounts.

During the course of my research I found a neat little service called Magpie that allows Twitters to monetize their accounts by placing a sponsored tweet every 5th one. It has a tool that allows you to calculate what your potential earnings per month would be based on your number of followers and daily tweets. I can expect to make a whopping $0.88 per month based on my current account. On the flipside Guy Kawasaki, a popular author, venture capitalist and entrepreneur could expect to earn $69,778 on a monthly basis if he were to use this service.


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