Interesting article on the decline of newspaper advertising

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I recently came across Marc Cenedella’s article on the decline of the newspaper help wanted revenues and how ad revenues in the US market have declined 92% over the last 10 years. He points out that in the mid-90s, many newspaper executives foresaw this threat to a steady revenue stream but chose not to think forward and dominate the industry with their resources as in doing so they would be competing against their own printed products.
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Finally found a new VPS hosting company

Well, it’s finally official. I have a new host to replace my dedicated server and am in the process of moving things over. Once I get it transferred and live, I will let you know who I decided to go with and why.

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Globe & Mail plays dirty pool in a recent article on newspaper readership

I read an interesting article this morning from the Globe & Mail in which is announces that readers are not giving up on newspapers. As a former director of Circulation Sales & Service for a local daily, I read this article and had a chuckle about some of the things that were mentioned. This article had more to do with taking a jab at a competitor than truly addressing the state of newspaper print readership. Continue reading “Globe & Mail plays dirty pool in a recent article on newspaper readership”

Lessons in customer service – Poor service Dominican style

My wife and I recently went to the Dominican Republic with another couple and stayed at the Riu Bachata. The resort itself was beautiful and lived up to its five star billing. The food was hit and miss depending on the day, meal time, and which buffet you attended. What really surprised me though was some of the employees who worked there. Most were very pleasant and helpful, a few were indifferent but the most shocking was the front desk staff. These people were in desperate need of a copy of “Customer Service for Dummies”. Continue reading “Lessons in customer service – Poor service Dominican style”

Survivor 20 – Heroes vs Villains Episode 1

For those of you who aren’t aware of this I am a huge Survivor fan and it’s one of the few television programs I watch religiously. I’m very excited that Survivor 20 started this evening and it’s probably the best first episode of any of the seasons that I’ve watched. Last season the series was weak until the merge happened and you had Russell and his followers wreaking havoc. But this season with all known entities in the game, its going to be very interesting. Continue reading “Survivor 20 – Heroes vs Villains Episode 1”