Time to hang out my shingle

I have worked in the newspaper industry for the last 13 years and have been relatively unhappy with it for the last five years. As companies lose circulation and advertising revenue the natural course of action is to cut expenses and full time equivalents leaving the remaining staff with additional duties, tasks and responsibilities. After working I don’t know how many consecutive 50 hour work weeks I decided it was time to move on (or perhaps take a break) from the business.

My last day of work at Kawartha Media Group is Thursday, October 1st and I have decided to pursue some business interests and ideas that I have been kicking around. I have been doing freelance Internet related work for the last eight years and I am going to take a stab at making it my full time job. I have done design and promotion work for a number of companies and have always enjoyed the work. The clients that I have completed projects for have always been happy with the end result so I think that’s a positive sign.

I will also be doing some site development for myself as I have registered a number of domains over the years that have never seen the light of day. The plan is to launch and promote a few sites over the next couple of years and see how they progress and how well I can attract visitors and customers to them.

I will use this blog as a portfolio to update my clients and friends on projects that I am working on. I will also be posting more often and continue sharing some of the neat things I run across as I surf the web.

Thanks for reading!

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