Discovering relevant people (and potential followers) using Mr Tweet

I have been using Mr Tweet quite a bit lately looking for interesting people to follow and to turn into potential followers. Mr Tweet promises to help you “discover relevant connections” and at first I was a bit skeptical.

Signing up at the site is straightforward and consists of using your Twitter name and password. You grant access to allow Mr Tweet to access your account and then it will start analyzing the people you are currently following in order to give you recommendations on potential connections to follow.

It does this by looking at who the people you are currently following are following. It takes a look at who your friends on Twitter are retweeting. It will also analyze @ replies to see who your relevant contacts are interacting with. There is also a recommend feature that allows you to recommend great tweeps as well as get yourself recommended which gives them a higher chance of being shown in Mr Tweet’s recommendations.

It presents you with a list of potential connections and allows you to follow them, say hi or show their tweets. You can remove people from your recommended list and ask for more suggestions.

The thing I really enjoy about this site is the fact that it presents a list of people that those your are following currently find interesting. I have found a lot of value in this free service and am spending a few hours a week checking out the recommendations they present.

Having said that if you happen to find me interesting and want to help out, you can recommend me at Mr Tweet by visiting

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