To unfollow or not to unfollow

I’ve been searching out and following lots of people, especially those that have tweeted stuff about #entrepreneur, #startup, #marketing and #promotion. Once I find their posts I will open their profile page in a new tab and scan their bio and posts. If I like what I see I will add them but more often than not I am finding that this initial scan doesn’t reveal what I’m going to be in for.

Quite often I will login or check my twitter account on my Blackberry and find 30 – 50% of the posts are from the same person or two people. Now, they can’t be totally classified as SPAM but they are time consuming and are pushing some possible important or interesting tweets to the second page.

I sometimes feel a bit guilty when I cull them from the list, especially when most of them have followed me in return. I don’t do it often but it’s happening more and more these days. I feel a bit guilty for doing it. It sort of reminds me of my high school days when you start dating a girl you were really interested in and then having to avoid her after a couple of dates because she bored you or you caught her picking her nose at the movie theater.

In the end it just has to be done or you could be missing out on some great stuff from the remainder of those you are following.

If you’re asking whether to unfollow or not to unfollow, chances are you need to get them off your list.


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