Twitter headlines that interested me today

Ok, so I’m a bit addicted to Twitter these days. I’ve been working diligently on finding interesting people to follow and have gained a following myself. I have actually gotten a couple of customers through my interactions on the site which is definitely a bonus.

Here are some Twitter stories that interested me recently…

Charles N. Wainger
Chart of the Day: Internet users 45 and older slow to join Twitter

Interesting article from showing demographic information on people joining Twitter. No surprise that a majority of new users are in the 18 – 34 demographic. 65+ is a very slow area so if seniors are your target customer, Twitter is probably not going to be a very effective avenue to reach your audience.

TweetMixx Launches Branded Twitter Channels
Washington Post’s Tech Crunch article on TweetMixx, a new service from social voting site Mixx.

A Fifth of Internet Users Now Share Status Updates, Pew Says
Are you constantly updating your status? Well you’re in good company. About 20% of internet users are doing so according to this Wall Street Journal Article.

Bing Lands Deals with Twitter and Facebook
Here’s a BIG gain for search engine Bing! Yahoo’s involvement with Bing will help it out and the team at Google should be disappointed in this announcement.

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