Getting pulled over as the Big Bad Wolf

This past Friday my wife Kelly and I went to a Jack & Jill for friends of ours. As it was the day before Halloween they decided to make it a costume affair so my wife dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and I went as the Big Bad Wolf. My costume consisted of a blue and white checkered Grandma’s nightgown with lots of brown fur, a wolf’s mask and a sleeping bonnet. My wife picked up a pair of baby blue ladies slippers with a bow on them to complete the outfit.

We left the Jack & Jill at around 12:30 am and were driving friends to the bar when lights from a following police car lit up. I pulled over thinking he was going to go by me but the officer pulled in behind me and threw the spotlight on.

My wife pulled our insurance and registration and the officer took it and asked if I had been drinking. As I was the designated driver I told him I had a drink at around 9:30 pm. He informed me that he was going to be conducting a roadside sobriety test to ensure I hadn’t drank more than I indicated.

Picture this. I am dressed as the big bad wolf in a nightgown and walking on a gravel roadside in these flimsy ladies slippers. It was probably one of the most bizarre moments in my life and one that I definitely will have to use should I ever consider doing amateur night at the comedy club again.

Good news was that my blood alcohol test came back .000 and was sent on my merry way. Just another one of those strange life experiences.


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