Finding inspiration on Yahoo! Answers.

Lately I have been finding it hard to find inspiration for blog posts on my own sites as well as for some of my regular clients. I am pretty lucky in the fact that most allow me to write about whatever strikes my fancy as long as it relates to the Internet, marketing and preferably both at the same time.

Sometimes this freedom can be somewhat of an issue when a lack of inspiration takes hold. There are days when I can produce 2,000 – 2,500 words an hour without any issue. The ideas are flowing, the structure is simple and the articles or blog posts take very little work to complete. Yet there are other days where countless hours are wasted because I couldn’t come up with ideas or concepts for articles and would have rathered a client say “Please write about topic A and topic B”.

From time to time I explore Yahoo Answers when I need some inspiration for articles. For those of you who are not familiar with this service it’s a community where people can ask questions on pretty much any topic and the community as a whole can provide answers to these questions. Points are granted for answering each question with additional points being presented if the person asking the question or the community voting as a whole picks your answer as the best one submitted.

I will generally be found trolling the Business & Finance – Advertising & Marketing section and I will only answer questions I feel I have the best chance of being selected as the top answer. There will be a great deal of messages that I will ignore (“How do I make money online?”) but usually about 4 or 5 questions a week will make me want to respond. I can then take the question and my submitted answer and spin it into a blog post or sometime even multiple articles.

Overall I am doing well. I hit level 2 and my answers have been selected as the best in 62% of the questions I’ve answered. Not a bad ratio.


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