Keep your marketing efforts current… dammit!

My 2010 New Year’s Resolution was to update this blog more frequently and so far I feel I have failed thus far. 6 days in and this is my first post. I promise I will endeavor to do better for the remainder of the year.

Businesses are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote their products and services but sometimes forget the basics. One basic concept that I have had pounded in my head many times is that your marketing efforts need to remain current.

When you’re planning a campaign it’s not enough to come up with ideas, create ad copy and run the same things over and over again for months on end. You need to make slight changes and modifications so people do not begin to ignore your message. It’s very easy to run a “pickup” ad in your newspaper (an ad you have already ran previously) but people may skim or skip your advertisement because they’ve seen it before. Repetition is key in getting new customers but slight changes to your ad copy or marketing efforts may yield a higher return on investment.


As I went to grab my morning coffee I was reminded of this lesson. Two radio ads were in desperate need of an update. Oddly enough both were automotive dealers promoting their current sales that started in the middle of December and ended in the middle of January. One of the advertisements mentioned Santa while the other billed itself as the “Christmas Holiday Sale”. These are prime examples of how marketing efforts may create the wrong affect. People are still exhausted from the holidays and want to put it behind them.

So be sure to review your marketing efforts regularly to make sure they are more effective! Don’t be lazy and keep doing the same thing or running the same advertisements continuously.

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