3 reasons why you should target microniche or longtail keywords when marketing through feeder sites.

I’ve been blogging recently about microniche and longtail keywords over the past few weeks including discovering microniche terms using your analytic software. In today’s post I wanted to discuss why you should be using these longtail keyword phrases rather then your main keywords when utilizing feeder sites to generate organic traffic to your website.

1. Less Competition.

There is always going to be less competition for microniche keyword terms as many marketers have ignored these while pursuing the big payoffs of commonly searched keywords. Many companies and affiliate marketers will be going after the keyword phrases that have huge search volumes on a monthly basis. For instance if you were trying to market your web hosting company’s VPS hosting service, you’d find a lot more competition for the search term “VPS hosting” then you would for “VPS hosting for WordPress”. By selecting these lesser utilized search terms, you have a better shot of getting high placements in the search engine results as well as driving highly targeted traffic to your website.


2. Availability Of Search Term Domain Names.

If you’ve decided to create your own network of sites rather then using free resources such as article marketing, Blogger and Squidoo, you’ll need to secure domain names that are keyword rich and relevant to your product or service. By doing a little research you can uncover some exact keyword domain names that will help you in your placement. For instance, I recently started a website called Income From Gold where I was able to secure the exact domain name. This particular search term has about 6,000 monthly searches and shortly after launch I have already received top placement on “Income From Gold” without doing any link exchanges or deep linking to the website.

Getting the exact domain name for a keyword search dramatically increases your odds of getting first page placement.

3. Lowering Outranking Risk On Keywords

The whole purpose of utilizing feeder sites is to both generate organic traffic to your website as well as assisting you in creating backlinks to your website. But what happens if your article marketing efforts on your main keyword phrases suddenly give sites such as Article Base a higher ranking on your money keyword terms then your own website? End result is your company site will fall in rankings while the free feeder site benefits from increased traffic as well as possible revenue from their advertisements. The worst part about this particular strategy is you could end up sending customers to your competitors via the free feeder site’s Google Adsense or end up paying for clicks if you’ve bid on those particular keyword terms.

In summary, by using a microniche or longtail keyword phrase strategy, you can generate highly targeted organic traffic to your website and its content in addition to adding backlinks to your website.

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