A roundup of some interesting marketing and entrepreneur articles

For today’s post I thought I would share some recent articles that I found interesting and wanted to share with regular readers of the blog. Today’s articles include an account of how Facebook advertising helped successfully launch a new website, how a beef jerky company built its brand with creative marketing techniques, tips for your company blog and build business lessons you can learn from Cake Boss.

An account of a very successful Facebook Ad Campaign
Problogger is a site that I visit on a daily basis and is geared towards people who make an income via blogging. Matt Robinson recently wrote an excellent account of his successful Facebook advertising campaign. In order to achieve maximum results, he linked his ads to his Facebook page rather then the website. Read and you will see how he turned an ad budget of $1,000 in 40,000 likes by Facebook users, which helped him build organic traffic to his website. These likes were by targeted users and shows how a Facebook campaign can help you bring in targeted users. You can view the full article here.

A case study in brand building on a startup budget
Entrepreneur magazine profiles Brian Levin and how he helped build his million-dollar business with some creative marketing ideas. His company is called Perky Jerky and combines beef jerky with an energy boost by injecting it with caffeine. While this may not sound like the healthiest snack to eat, Brian did some ingenuous moves including the creation of a jerky suit that he attaches 900 packages of his products to be given out at free events. Read more about Brian and his exploits here.

Things to avoid on your company blog
I love Inc magazines and have to admit I spend a great deal of time at their website. I came across this gem from Lou Dubois that outlines 7 Blogging Mistakes That Small Businesses Make. Amongst them is bad writing, selling rather then conversing and not taking advantage of technology. If your company is currently blogging or considering it, take a few minutes to review Lou’s post.


What entrepreneurs can learn from Buddy from Cake Boss
Like Alex Lawrence from Startup Flavor, my son and I are addicted to the reality cooking show Cake Boss. We watch this program religiously but Alex has recently blogged about how good the show is based on Buddy’s business sense. This show is obviously about more then the amazing cakes Buddy and the team at Carlo’s Bakery pumps out but also how he has expanded the business. As I read this particular post I recalled previous episodes that have dealt with upgrading the bakery’s facilities and installing new equipment as well as offering a new online ordering service to his customers on a trial business. Not only is Buddy a talented baker, he’s also a very impressive entrepreneur.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “A roundup of some interesting marketing and entrepreneur articles

  1. Trevor McKendrick

    Hi Chris,

    I work with Alex Lawrence who you mentioned in this post (which I enjoyed. I, too, spend WAY too much time reading Inc.com).

    Anyways, you mentioned Alex’s old site, TheEntrepreneursBlog.com. He has recently replaced it with StartupFlavor.com. We’re trying to contact everyone who’s referenced the old blog (no small task, let me tell you) to ask that they change the reference with a link to the new blog @ startupflavor.com. That way when people click on it it takes them directly to startupflavor.com and they can read more about what you discussed in this article.

    Would you mind doing this? Generally people have been quite receptive, but it’s totally up to you!

    Thanks, let me know if you have any questions. You can find me on twitter as @trevmckendrick.

    Trevor McKendrick

  2. Chris Post author

    Hi Trevor,

    Thanks for the information and consider it done!


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